Saturday, July 20, 2013

Heat Wave!

I apologize that my blog has been on a bit of a break lately with the recent heat wave. Its hard to find much to write about when its so hot! We haven't been going on any fun outings. I haven't turned the oven or even cooked much at all. I've basically just been hiding out in the A/C.

Andrew attended mornings at Cardinal Kids Camp all week.  It was a "water week" and he got to spend every morning playing fun water games.  He had a blast and was happy to go each day.

Robby opted not to sign up for a camp and spent much of each morning reading.  I recently signed him up for an account on Goodreads and together we inputed a bunch of books he's read recently and enjoyed.  Now, the app is giving him lots of great recommendations on other books he might like. It is so pleasant to take him to the library and let him find the books the app suggests instead of me looking for books he might like and him rejecting them over and over.

In the afternoons, the boys spent a lot of time playing with Legos.  I enjoyed seeing the Legos get so much use after months and months of them just taking up space in the living room.  Andrew built a "Super Duper Glider".

On Tuesday afternoon, I let the kids watch the original "Karate Kid" movie for the first time.  They loved it! Andrew spent the rest of the afternoon acting out scenes with a stuffed snake around his head and a rope around his waist.

Several evenings, we went to the pool after the sun was no longer beating down directly overhead.  By that time of day, it was actually pleasant to sit in the shade near the water and watch the kids play.

Even our cat, Oliver, thought it was too hot to stay outside for long!  Thankfully, this heat wave seems to be over now and hopefully we can get back to some more exciting summer activities.

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