Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rhubarb Snacking Cake and a New Garden

Its been a busy and chilly Saturday!  Rob left with our car early this morning to run the Carmel 8k. Robby had a 9:00am Saturday Adventure class called Survivor Island that was about using geometry to complete challenges.  Andrew and I walked him all the way over to the Burris school building and on the way back to our house, we stopped to pick up a friend of Andrew's for a play date at our house.

When Rob got back, I ran over to the last indoor farmer's market for the year at Minnetrista and managed to snag some early season rhubarb from Northern Tropics.  Score!  Rhubarb is one of my favorites.  I also bought two bottles of wine from Tonne Winery....

At noon, I went to drop off Andrew's friend and they invited him to stay at their house.  So, I fetched Robby from his class and headed home.  We had some lunch, stopped by Science Day, and headed to Lowe's to get supplies for a raised garden that we are putting in our FRONT yard.  I'm sure the neighbors are not going to be too excited about that, particularly the ones that always have perfect yards.

While Rob and Robby were assembling the garden frame, I baked this delightful Rhubarb Snacking Cake.  It was a thoroughly delicious way to start of rhubarb season.  

And finally, 8 1/2 hours after Andrew started playing with his friend this morning, Andrew finally returned home.  A bit tired and quite hungry as he was too busy playing to eat much all day so we all headed out to the new Greek's Pizza location for some cheesy bread and pizza.

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