Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Produce Bin

So fun getting a weekly "present" of produce at our front door!
Ever since the start of the year, Thursdays have become one of my favorite days of the week.  That's because I decided that this year we would subscribe to a weekly produce bin delivery from The Downtown Farm Stand.

Having a bunch of produce delivered to my house is not only convenient, it forces me to find ways to include all of this healthy stuff in our menu each week.

The kids love discovering
what's in the box each week!
Every Monday the lovely delivery assistant, Mary, at the Farm Stand e-mails me to let me know the list of that week's bin contents is available on the website.  I just cruise over to the list, look it over, and if there is anything on there I'd rather not get that week I fill out the form at the bottom of the list to let them know what I would prefer instead.  This week I opted out of lettuce and bananas because we already had those on hand and got green beans and lemons/limes instead.

The other awesome part of this deal is that if I find I'm out of any other groceries that the Farm Stand carries, I can just add them to my bin through their website and the groceries will be delivered to my house with my regular bin contents.

Here's what I plan on doing with this week's items:

Green beans - half going in a Thai chicken curry, half as a vegetable side another night.
Sweet potatoes - peel them, cube them, and roast them  vegetable sides two nights
Grape tomatoes - used some on taco salad for dinner and the rest to snack on
Oranges - juiced 3 in margaritas one night and we will have the rest to snack on
Watermelon - the kids inhaled this within 1.5 days!
Lemon - made lemon muffins
Limes - used one in margaritas, have one left
Avocados - used one in avocado sushi rolls, the other two can go in sandwiches or salads for lunch
Broccoli - if I can get to the store for grapes I plan to make my favorite pasta salad (I reduce the dressing ingredients by half and only use 2-3 slices of bacon)

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