Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Its Bat-drew!

Andrew has been talking and talking about wanting a costume with bat wings for several weeks now. Not a cape (which he already has), it had to be wings.  He has practically talked my ear off about how he can't wait for Halloween so he can get a bat costume and then wear it to play in.  Frankly, I found this ongoing conversation way too annoying... because I am sure not in any hurry to get past summer and on to late fall!

Last night, I somehow came up with the idea of taking a black shirt and adding fabric bat wings under the arms.  I thought this would be an easy way to create his vision right now.  Of course, one can find anything on the internet and I had no trouble finding an example to show Andrew.  He was so excited, he had trouble getting to sleep!

While he was at school today, I dug out a size 10 black shirt I knew we had stored away and then went and spent $2.50 on 1/2 yard of black polar fleece.  This project was very easy and I was done in no time.  I hung up the finished project and left it in his room for him to find after school.  Boy was he THRILLED!  He wore the bat shirt all afternoon while playing outside.

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