Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's Lunch for School

I pack lunches every day for my two boys to eat at school.  This is a decision we made based on the facts that my kids don't particularly like any of the food served at school, the school lunches produce a lot of trash (including the tray they are served on, and other packaging), and the school lunches include a lot more highly processed foods than we typically eat.  

Recently I decided to make myself a lunch menu that would be the same every week, just to make it easier to figure out what to pack each day.  I also always include fruit and another side.

Here's the schedule:
Mondays - sandwich
Tuesdays  - salad
Wednesdays - something hot in the Thermos (they prefer it to be leftover pasta)
Thursdays - creative lunch
Fridays - mom-made lunchable

So, today was creative food day and I decided to give the boys Little Smokies with BBQ sauce as a very special treat.  They also have the Biscoff banana muffins I baked yesterday topped with candy eyes and sitting in a silicone muffin wrapper, as well as strawberries and apples.  I think they will really like this lunch!  

These bento-style lunch containers are Ziploc brand from Target, the round dip containers are from Cost Plus World Market, and the clear rectangle boxes are from The Container Store.

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