Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Track Meet

Today was my 10-year old's first track meet, a day he has been looking forward to for a long time.  In our area school sports start in 4th grade and Robby has been waiting to join track since he started school.  This boy has always loved to run... he pretty much never walks when he can run.  To him, a hike through the woods is a run through the woods, a walk with his mom is him running way ahead of his mom.

Robby has been a member of  Yorktown Roadrunners (a youth running club) for three summers, and has greatly enjoyed distance running, but he was anxious to try running shorter distances and in a team format.

The first track meet of the year was canceled due to stormy weather and the conditions for this meet were definitely not ideal.  The spectator area was a huge mud mess and Andrew came home filthy!

Robby competed in the 800 individual and the 4x200.  He finished second in the 800 and was pleased with that result.

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